About the node

RISE is running a national cyberscurity collaboration to accelerate research and innovation in the industry and public sector – a national node in cybersecurity. VINNOVA is responsible for the funding, while RISE’s cybersecurity unit coordinates the node’s work.

Martin Bergling and Sofia Fredholm are coordinators for the work in the innovation node. They are both part of the cybersecurity unit at RISE, led by Shahid Raza.

The node aims to:

Bring together industry, academia and the public sector in order to identify, initiate and conduct research and innovation activities in cybersecurity. Create a favourable innovation climate for the Swedish cybersecurity industry.
Contribute to faster and more secure digitization in Swedish industry and among Swedish public actors.

Thereby strengthen…

  • Swedish competitiveness and exports in cybersecurity.
  • Sweden’s ability to win funds from the research programs within the EU.