Working groups

[2022-04-07] Several working groups are active!

Currently, there are nine active working groups:

  • WG Needs analysis
  • WG IoT-security
  • WG Risk analysis
  • WG Security in 5G
  • WG Competence maintenance / competence enhancement
  • WG Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • WG AI and cybersecurity
  • WG Security in SCADA/ICS
  • WG Privacy by Design

One more group is starting shortly:

  • WG Crypto

Currently, the following groups are being evaluated to possibly start:

  • WG Secure Cloud Services
  • WG FINTECH and Cybersecurity

Depending on interest, additional working groups may be established:

  • WG Secure supply chain
  • WG Security Architecture
  • WG Software security
  • WG Hybrid Threats
  • WG Security Architecture
  • WG Software security
  • WG Identification/Authentication
  • WG Intelligent transport systems
  • WG Security maturity benchmarking and measurements of SME

As a member in the node, it is possible to announce interest to participate in one or several groups. More information about the working groups and their goals are on the member pages.