[21-06-11] Improved security in open-source and open-specification hardware for connected device

The two tables below can be used when a European organization is looking for project partner, i.e. a specific type of organization, with a specific type of skill or interest.

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Type of expertise neededOrganisations
Restricted environment of IoT devicesT2 Data, Stöldskyddsföreningen, Swedavia, Göteborgs stad
Open source hardware T2 Data
Formal verification of open hardware Combitech, PICS/Högskolan i Skövde
Hardware-related security vulnerabilities T2 Data
Patch managementSwedavia, Göteborgs stad
Security Audits Swedavia
Security testing in restricted environments Swedavia
Inventory management PICS/Högskolan i Skövde
Formal security modelsSwedavia
Verified and scalable cryptography Swedavia
Authentication schemes Expisoft, Sectyne, Swedavia
Verification methods for secure updatesLinköpings universitet, Expisoft, Sectyne, Swedavia
Multi-factor authentication hardware and software solutionsExpisoft, Sectyne
Connected devices life cycleT2 Data, Swedavia, PICS/Högskolan i Skövde
HW-based secure execution environments T2 Data, Linköpings universitet, Mobile Heights

Göteborgs stadPublic organisation
Linköpings universitetRTO
Mobile HeightsCooperation for SME, industry
SectyneSME, startup
StöldskyddsföreningenNon-profit association
T2 DataSME