[21-06-11] Scalable privacy-preserving technologies for crossborder federated computation in Europe involving personal data

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Type of expertise neededOrganisations
GDPRKarlstads universitet, PICS/Högskolan i Skövde, Omen technologies, Göteborgs stad
Big DataGöteborgs stad
Advanced privacy preserving computation
techniques such as homomorphic encryption, secure
multiparty computation, and differential privacy
Karlstads universitet
Real-world use case scenarios Linköpings universitet, Göteborgs stad, PICS/Högskolan i Skövde
Integration with existing infrastructures and traditional security measures Linköpings universitet, Göteborgs stad
User’s needsDefentry, PICS/Högskolan i Skövde, Göteborgs stad
Legacy variation in personal data types Defentry, Göteborgs stad
Privacy-preserving computation in realistic federated data infrastructures Karlstads universitet
EU health data space Göteborgs stad
Developed as open source software Defentry, PICS/Högskolan i Skövde

DefentrySME, startup
Göteborgs stadPublic organisation
Högskolan i SkövdeRTO
Karlstads universitetRTO
Linköpings universitetRTO
Omen technologiesSME, startup