[21-06-11] Cyber secure and resilient CCAM (CCAM partnership)

The two tables below can be used when a European organization is looking for project partner, i.e. a specific type of organization, with a specific type of skill or interest.

The first table shows the skills and interests among a number of potential partners. When searching for a specific skill, start by looking at column 1. For each skill the potential partners are listed in the same row. The organization’s names are also links to their home pages.

The second table below shows all the organizations that are interested in this call, and also the types of organization (SME, startup, RTO etc.).

If you are interested in getting in touch with any of these organizations, please contact the node for more information at cybernode@ri.se.

Type of expertise neededOrganisations
Best practices in cybersecurity fo CCAMSwedavia, Sectyne
Cybersecurity requirements Swedavia, Linköpings universitet, T2 Data, Sectyne
ISO/SAE 21434N/A
Sector specific security features Clavister, Swedavia, Sectyne, Omen Technologies
The development process of CCAM solutionsSwedavia
Anomaly detection Clavister, Swedavia, Linköpings universitet, Stream Analyze, Omen Technologies
Methods and tools strengthening the security of CCAM solutionsSwedavia, Linköpings universitet
Communication protocolsSwedavia, Linköpings universitet, T2 Data
Harmonised interfaces and protocolsSwedavia, Linköpings universitet
Continuous assessment of the robustness and resilienceSwedavia, T2 Data
Protecting the user’s privacyN/A
SSH disciplines and SSH experts, societal impact N/A

ClavisterSME, industry
Göteborgs stadPublic organisation
Linköpings universitetRTO
Mobile Heights Cooperation for SME, industry
Omen TechnologiesSME, startup
SectyneSME, startup
Stream AnalyzeSME
T2 DataSME