[2021-12-14] Improved monitoring of threats, intrusion detection and response in complex and heterogeneous digital systems and infrastructures

Projects are expected to contribute to at least three of the following expected outcomes:

  • Improved disruption preparedness and resilience of digital infrastructure in Europe
  • Improved capacity building in digital infrastructure security including organisational and operational capabilities
  • Robust evidence used in cybersecurity decisions and tools
  • Better prediction of cybersecurity threats and related risks
  • Improved response capabilities based on effective collaboration and/or coordination with other relevant national or EU bodies in charge of Cybersecurity, including holistic incident reporting and enabling coordinated cyber-incident response.

Important dates:

  • Planned opening date: 30 June 2022
  • Deadline date: 16 November 2022, 17:00

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increased cybersecurity, digital infrastructures, Building on research and innovation in the area of cybersecurity, consortia, consortium