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[2021-07-05] After conferences and seminars, public documentation will be available on this page. (Information that is only communicated to members can be found in the “Member Library on the member pages.)

Final version of Horizon Europe calls “Increased cybersecurity”

This is the final version of the document for the “Civil Security for Society”, concluded by the EU 210615, in which the four calls for “Increased Cybersecurity” are described.

ML/AI Seminar 210524

Here are the two presentations from our seminar on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The day’s topic reflected upon two aspects: “The duality of Machine Learning and Security: ML for Security and Security of ML”.

Pontus Johnson, professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • A general introduction to ML (15 min)
  • The results of a cluster analysis of ML-for-cybersecurity research – everything from intrusion detection to neural cryptography (30 min)

Arash Vahidi och Nicolae Paladi, researchers at RISE Cybersecurity Unit

  • Security of Machine Learning (45 min)