The Inauguration 4/12-20

The 4th of December 2020 the node was inaugurated! Due to covid-19, the event was held online with only a few people in the studio. Over 200 online participants were pre-registered for the event.


  • Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Enterprise
  • Pia Sandvik, CEO, RISE
  • Darja Isaksson, Director-general, Vinnova
  • Shahid Raza, Director Cybersecurity, RISE
  • Martin Bergling,  Coordinator for the Swedish node of research and innovation in cybersecurity, RISE
  • Eva Fogelström, Director Security Research, Ericsson
  • Patrik Sandgren, Responsible Digitalisation Economic Policy,Teknikföretagen 
  • Simone Fischer-Hübner, Professor in Computer Science, SWITS

The inauguration can be found on this link on YouTube, where there are separate videos for the different speakers. (Observe that the inauguration is mainly in Swedish.)