Way of working

By creating forums for collaboration, the node will identify value-creating symbioses between different competencies. These working groups / consortia should be able to find answers to complex requirements and challenges.

The work of the node shall be guided by the members. A steering group shall be appointed, which shall meet regularly. A reference group will also be appointed, as support for the steering group. Decisions will be made in consultation with the new Swedish cybersecurity center.

The node will create and run working groups / network groups in different areas, for example:

  • AI in cybersecurity
  • Security in IoT (Internet of Things)
  • 5G security
  • Security in SCADA / Industry 4.0
  • Secure Supply Chain
  • Effective risk analysis methods
  • Security standardization
  • Security by Design

The members’ opportunities to find the right skills / staff will be increased with the help of a competence database, based on information about skills and expertise in industry, academia and research. (The database shall only contain public information and public personal data, such as names of contact persons.)

Technology and innovation conferences, seminars and roundtable discussions will be arranged regularly.

The node will identify and formulate R&D initiatives with strong competitiveness both nationally and internationally. With these initiatives, the node will be able to influence and take part in the EU’s investments in cybersecurity, and thereby support the node’s stakeholders regarding funding opportunities.

Regarding international relations, initiating a Nordic co-operation will be investigated, in the form of a “Nordic Network for Cybersecurity”.

Later on, the node will also be able to be a “Single Point of Contact” for foreign players in cybersecurity research.

The node will contribute with regard to the interpretation of laws and regulations, and thereby be able to initiate rule changes in support of innovation.