Invitation to research project: ”Cybersecure data sharing in manufacturing value chains”

[23-07-08] RISE is one of the participants in Cybernode’s working group “Cybersecurity in SCADA/ICS”. We are now looking at current industrial needs towards digitalization, and want to start a research project for cybersecure sharing of sensitive information between manufacturing companies and external parties, e.g., customers and subcontractors.

The goal is to develop an overall guide that practically supports the work of analysing and cybersecuring existing working procedures and technology solutions. That is, on analysis of threat detection (e.g. data classification), conducting a quantitative risk analysis (on cyber threats), and identification and implementation of measures. Measures include methods and technical mitigation strategies and solutions, as well as legal protection and compliance with regulations.

The project will be carried out over two years from November 2023, led by RISE, and carried out together with a group of Swedish manufacturing industrial companies.

If you are interested in participating in the project, send an email in order to discuss further in August:

  • Per Gullander,,
  • Iraklis Symeonidis,

Funding for the project is sought from Vinnova’s call ”Cybersecurity for industrial advanced digitization“. Application should be finalized September 13.