Theme group Privacy by Design


About the group

The group has the objective to promote the principle of privacy by design in research and in practice.

It has also the objective to initiate cooperation and prepare consortia for joint project applications.

Ongoing work

The group has organized invited and open seminars for informing and exchanging ideas about ongoing privacy by design work in academia, at policy level (e.g. work conducted by ENISA’s working group on Privacy Engineering) and in specific sectors (such as the health sector).

The group’s security category: 

”Open group”, English as working language.

Group leader: Simone Fischer-Hübner, Karlstad University


Participating companies/organisations: 

Karlstads universitet, KTH, Umeå universitet, Högskola i Skövde, Göteborgs Stad, AFRY, Cparta, Arriva, CIOplus.

If you are interested in participating in the group, contact the group leader.

Note! The group is looking for a new group leader – this is a good opportunity for an employee in a competent privacy company to advance the positions!

The process for the selection of new members:

  • A prospective member sends a short justification for the interest, as well as a Linkedin link (or equivalent).
  • The group conducts a vote.
  • The new member is welcomed to the upcoming group meeting.