Working group “Needs analysis”

[2023-01-12] The group is inactive for the moment, since some of the members have changed employer recently.

A clear needs analysis, initially from a societal perspective, will define what the node is to work with. Guidelines will be set up to make it concrete what the node is to do.

There are several actors available that can assist with the analysis and formulate the needs, these will be contacted in the future. Current areas can be the financial sector, critical infrastructure and the energy sector. Available official reports will also be used, made by e.g. MSB and DIGG.

Some of the activities in the group:

  • A survey has been sent to a small number of cybersecurity companies, considering their needs and requests regarding the node’s work.
  • A survey regarding the cybersecurity needs in the Swedish industry is being finalized in January -23.
  • How to monitor new research within cybersecurity.
    • Members will be invited to the SWITS security research conference. It is held every spring.
  • Better conditions for innovation – how to create an IT-business enabling innovation?
  • Martin Güll has previously talked about how to work successfully with innovation in the municipality of Helsingborg.
  • Elisabet Spross, innovation manager at SWECO, gave a talk at the member meeting on 5/5 2022, about innovation and cyber security.

Are you interested in contributing to the work in the node, contact the node (see the tab “Contact”).