Working group Risk Analysis

[2023-01-12] About the group

The needs of the target groups’ IT operations are in focus when the group seeks new innovative solutions regarding practical methods, processes and tools for risk analyzes and risk assessments. The target groups are several: the cybersecurity industry, public enterprises and both large, small and medium-sized companies. Work methods and effective forms of education are also included

Current work

  • New standards and guidelines are monitored and discussed.
  • Calls in the field are monitored.
  • Invited suppliers of risk analysis tools are invited to demonstrate their tools.
  • Lectures and presentations are given on ongoing risk analysis projects in Sweden.

Group category: Open group, with Swedish as work language.

Group leader: Martin Bergling


Participating organizations: ATEA, Lund University, University of Skövde, Royal Technical Institute, AFRY, Jönköping University, Luleå Technical Institute and GreatIT.

If you are interested in participating in the working group, contact Martin Bergling.

Other information:

  • The group needs more organizations from the industry as members.
  • ENISA’s new compendium of risk analysis methods is very interesting! Link