The database

[2021-03-29] A competence database is currently being designed, with its use we will be able to search for and find working groups/consortias that are able to meet identified needs, or can respond to current funding opportunities within the EU.

The database will consist of several different parts:

  • The needs within cybersecurity
  • Swedish organisations’ products and services within the field
  • Swedish competence and expertise
  • Funding opportunities

The information is collected through a “security profile”, in which the member organisation answers around 100 questions (mainly multiple choice).

Using a search tool, groups/consortias can then be found, and by collaboration and the right combination of skills and funding we can meet one of the requested needs. As a member of the node, it will be possible to order searches.

No sensitive information will be stored in the database, and only contact information to current member organisations will be stated. (Despite that, the collected information will be considered having high protection value, which is why the database will have a high security level.)

The structure is based on NIST Cybersecurity Framework:s five themes: ”Identify-Protect-Detect-Respond-Recover”. A concept structure according to ECSO Radar (, which adds to NIST’s themes, will make it possible to make comparisons with European organisations.